KW: relocation tips, millennials moving interstate

KW: relocation tips, millennials moving interstate

Tips to remember when moving out of state or within state

Moving is part and parcel of any millennial job holder’s life. It is seen quite frequently happening in young people of age group 30-40. This segment of workers is always striving to move up the ladder of social status. Their focus is largely on grabbing more lucrative opportunities and for that they do not mind relocating. This trend of searching better jobs and moving to more promising locations make them the biggest driver of real estate market in the US.

So, if you are a first time mover and do not know what to expect or how to plan moving, here are a few relocation tips.

a. Make a financial assessment of the moving process

Moving is not done for free. There can be difference in rental rates of the two cities, to begin with. The packing and moving charges are a reality too. Comparison of DIY moving and professional moving charges is another important point of consideration. So, make a critical assessment of all the points including monetary ones before making that move to a new state.

b. Study the rentals markets

Not all locations are safe. Also, not all of those are affordable. Job holders need to study the rental markets from various perspectives. First, the rentals range in any specific area. Second, type of locality – too posh, average, below average, so on, in terms of inhabitants and facilities. Thirdly and most importantly, proximity to the office or job site. Travelling is not an ignorable expense. So, while searching a rental in far-off location, travelling charges on a daily basis should also be factored in.

c. Search homes near to job site or office

It is possible to do if your employers have offices not in the prime location of the city. Proximity to office is a big advantage. It saves time and expense of travelling. It also allows maintaining healthy time schedule with proper place for leisure and fun activities in it. Also, it minimizes the exposure from travel stress and city’s pollution.

d. Get an Insight into the Movers

Trying to move goods on own is possible at many cases, but not always. Depending upon the kind of entourage you want to move, you must look for storage facility options, alternate storage options, to carry out relocation smoothly.

Professional movers market is quite competitive. It is advisable to plan relocation in advance and have ample time in hand to get quotes from the best movers in the city.

You should get an in-depth insight into the profiles of the movers to enhance your relocation experience.

e. Reduce the number of belongings before moving

Moving for job to other state does incur cost. It can be reduced to a great extent if you have made the master plan of relocation. Assess all the belongings extra critically and wherever there is a possibility to discard or donate, go for it. Some charity work done in the process can help you get tax deduction too!

Mentioned above are some of the very important relocation tips that can help the young age group moving interstate or within state. Follow the ones that apply to you according to your profile.

Millennials moving for job are driving rental market in the US largely

The modern-age populationis actually living largely on paychecks. They are hardly able to make lots of savings because of lifestyle as well as the growing amount of rents. The demand from homebuyers dwindled conspicuously in 2019 due to high prices of homes. The gap between the rental value and installment value of home loan came out to be too wide to surpass for an average earning individual.

‘Live, work, play’, too, is a concept catching up with the young population. The employers creating such environments that facilitate all these to attract good quality workers is a testament to the popularity of this concept. Thus, rentals or shared apartments providing all this have seen an upsurge in demand among millennials moving interstate.

Young individuals, in fact, turned out to be the biggest drivers of shared housing rentals market in the US’s prime locations with about 43% of them paying close attention to possibility of sharing it with a roommate. (According to a study by Wharton University).

Until the realtors find a way to increase the inventory and match its price with the buying ability of the consumers, rentals market will continue to boom with full support of millennials.