New Home buyers- Things to buy after buying a home

New Home buyers- Things to buy after buying a home

There is no place like home, there is nothing more exciting than buying a house for ourselves. So, congratulations on your new home. One big leap in life, as you step in with your family into your new homes. It is however followed by a series of things both big and small to buy, to arrange, to order, and piles of paperwork to deal with. While you deal with all the herculean work, we also want you to relish those first few weeks in the new home than run helter-skelter.

Here is to those homebuyers who wish to sit back, relax, and enjoy the time with family and friends. Here is an exhaustive checklist you can use as a ready reckoner to swiftly transition to your dream house.


We consider insurance is the most important thing for reasons best known. New home title insurance, home insurance is something which is prime most to be dealt with even as you get ready to move in.

Moving in:

If you have friends or relatives who can help, do not hesitate to call for help, there are many times where an extra pair of hands would be helpful. You can pre-book a truck or call movers based on your budget. Whatever may be the mode, ensure you have help on that day.

Electrical home appliances:

Secure the home appliances such as refrigerator, washer-dryer, dishwasher, cooktop, and OTG in fair deals. Last moment purchases can lead to higher bills followed by lesser time to choose. Also pre-decide if you wish to replace any electrical appliances with a gas such as a cooktop, gas dryer, centralized heating systems, etc, evaluating the pros and cons, cost-effectiveness, and maintenance before installing the systems.


When we talk blinds, it is not just the living room but the entire house that includes window shades, curtains, drapes (if you choose to), vertical blinds for patio, basement window blinds, bedroom window blinds, temporary blinds for unfinished parts of the house and all other regular blinds that are necessary.

Electric outlets:

All homes are equipped with concealed wiring with a 220 Volts outlet supply where we can plug into our devices and electronics. Ensure all the important places of use in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, garage, basement, patio, and portico are provided with plug points for convenience.

Security Systems:

Foolproof security systems either a self-monitored alarm system such as Ring or any other security system that you think is apt should be researched in advance to avoid last moment hiccups. Also, ensure the entire house is child friendly and safely under surveillance from every nook and corner including the garage, basement, and back doors (if any).

Lawn Related:

A new home with an unkempt lawn will surely be an eyesore. Before you move in get a professional mowing service done, since it is the first time list all the lawn care equipment such as grass seeds, watering system, lawn rake, edging shears, hosepipes, hosepipe stand, and lawn mower are all in place.

Patio Related:

We all have a thing for patio space, be it a small sit-out area or for setting up a decent barbeque station. Patios are where we spend a majority of our free time for a perfect outdoor retreat, they in fact give us a stage to unleash our creative side. So, organizing the patio with a pop of fresh color, a splash of lights, toned patio décor, patio furniture, potted plants if you are a plant lover can be on your checklist that you can simply breathe life into your private enclave. You can also install a high raise fence to get a cozy touch. You can either set up through DIY tools or arrange a professional to get it done.


The most important and central part of moving into a new home is decking it up with the interiors of your desire for which furniture plays a pivotal role. Here is a quick run-through of the essential kitchen, living room, and bedroom furniture items- Dining table sets, high chairs, bar corner (if any), cabinets, storage boxes, pantry racks, sofa, TV mount/stand, sofa, ottoman, carpets, chest of drawers, a fancy snuggling armchair with plush upholstery to create that comfy corner, a hat stand, etc. kids furniture like the bunker beds, toy storage racks, kids friendly cushions, carpets, study table, table lights. Similarly, the master bedroom furniture includes a king-size bed, side tables, fixing wardrobes, etc.

When it comes to furniture the list is endless as it entirely depends on personal preference. While some like to keep it flashy others love warm interiors with a mild countryside touch. So, furniture is something that you can play around with.

Plumbing Related:

Preparing an exhaustive list of every water inlet and drain outlets will help closely inspect if every inlet and outlet, they include sinks, showers, tubs, faucets, washing machine hoses. Any cracked tiles in the shower, around sinks, or near water pipes should also be scrutinized. Ensure to be double sure on all plumbing related checks, seek a professional opinion if necessary as even a small leak may be disastrous.

Window well and AC cover:

Window well is something you tend to keep in the last but for all security purposes window, well installation should be very important. Window wells are a cover or a protective glass layer installed for the basement window to avoid water, dust, or stray animals from entering the basement. You can either take the assistance of DIY videos available online or get it done along with the rest of the plumbing installations.  Another key purchase is the AC cover, to protect it from snow, dust, and water.

Furnace Filters:

The furnace filter is to protect the blower fan from all the hair, dust, and other gunk (if any) that the return duct pulls in. It helps improve the quality of the inside air by removing the contaminants from recirculating back in the interiors. There are disposable as well as reusable furnace filters to choose from.

Utility connections:

Detail on which service provider you would like to sign up for, the plans they have and the cost can be first jotted down. Gas, water, internet, waste management, and cable subscriptions should be arranged in advance before shifting.

Here are some Sundry items that can be looked at after you move in due course of time

  1. Closets check
  2. Kitchen closet damages/minor repairs check
  3. Patio and garage- power points, seating, accessories, lighting
  4. Double-check all water faucets

Consider looking for all the nearby medical facilities, pediatricians, general physicians to assign a family doctor for you and your family in case you have shifted to a new city or far from your previous neighborhood.

Home is where we all want to return after a day-long hard work, and over the weekends you would want to unwind and spend quality family time. So, avoid neglecting or postponing even a minute of home repair work as it may pile up and end up becoming a mess one fine day. Always remember, action today can prevent a crisis tomorrow.